CARAT Online-planner

Make new customers over the Internet

Do you want to get new interested customers into your kitchen store? Then we have the solution for you: with CARAT’s Online-planner on your kitchen business website, you will turn anonymous Internet users into real clients.

Off the Internet and into your store

From the easy-to-use Online-planner into your store: your customer will feel he is involved in the design process right from the start. This technically and optically state-of-the-art design program is very easy to use and makes visitors to your website even more enthusiastic about custom-designing their kitchen with a kitchen professional at your store. After potential clients have done their designing on the website, you can contact them. Convince yourself by giving the CARAT Online-planner a try!

With this effective marketing tool, not only can you win new customers but as a CARAT user you will also benefit from a direct connection between the CARAT Online-planner and CARAT Kitchen Design Software. The result: the design work becomes more efficient and you will be optimally prepared to advise the client during consultations.

What you get from the CARAT Online-planner

  • An eye-catcher on your website
  • You will already demonstrate a high level of design expertise to customers, right from your homepage
  • Let customers actively experience kitchens and get them excited about them
  • Turn anonymous Internet users into real customers
  • Your prospective customers will identify themselves with their new kitchen right from the start
  • Online-planner designs can be easily transferred into your CARAT program

Are you interested in the Online-planner for your website? We would be happy to provide you with more information.